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what is event branding?

Events are stories that have come to life.  If we consider that events are like a novel, the main logistical components (location, timeline, catering, rentals) are the chapters and the event branding details are the paragraphs that make the chapters unique. Each work together to build anticipation, tell a story, and leave a lasting impact. When executed with intention, the best events take into account every aspect to create an immersive, sensory experience that seamlessly  evokes a sense of time and place. Event branding is the design and production of the details that gives stories a personalized touch and depth.

As event branders, we work closely with event designers to ensure that the details we produce are cohesive with the location, event flow, and overall design.   To further the story of events, we also offer day-of styling services and design consultations for event planners.

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