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Red and Gold Los Angeles Wedding at The Ruby Street (FEATURE)

June 1, 2018

RED AND GOLD IS A palette not seen often in wedding design.  Because red is such a commanding color, most people tend to think it is overpowering and distracting.  Done right, however, red resonates with powerful and lasting effects.  For Diann and Jon’s wedding day, red and gold were offset […]

Monochromatic Winter Wedding (FEATURE)

January 6, 2018

  WHAT COULD BE MORE EXCITING than starting the year with a feature in Green Wedding Shoes?  Probably nothing.  It doesn’t hurt that this was, without a doubt, one of my favorite projects of 2017.  I teamed up again with Jason Lloyd and Victoria Gold to execute a monochromatic winter […]

Creatives Content Dinner: California Fall

October 15, 2017

  WHEN YOU WORK IN EVENT DESIGN it is your responsibility to transform a client’s vision into reality, but so seldom do you take the time to design for yourself.  At the start of fall I had a desire to create leather napkin rings but had no one to design […]

Luxury Wedding Menus, Acrylic

Industrail Chic Acrylic Wedding Invitations (FEATURE)

September 7, 2017

HOW DO YOU SEAMLESSLY transition summer’s trends with the changing, cooler tides of autumn while drawing on inspiration from the 1600s?  Enter Jason Llyod of _By Jason Llyod and Victoria Gold Photography.  When Jason approached me about the concept behind this shoot I was ecstatic.  He and Victoria wanted to […]

How to Budget Your Wedding Invitations

May 19, 2017

WITH A CONSTANT BARRAGE of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, it is natural that deciding on a direction for invitations can be overwhelming and daunting.  Stationery tends to be one of those “unknowns” when it comes to budgeting for your big day.  As with every element of wedding planning, there […]