Courtney Loeb

As a child I have a distinct memory of a floral stationery box.  White and pastel roses dotted across a light blue background, and much like a Russian nesting doll, there were two boxes within the larger setting, each with their own drawers, compartments, matching stationery and pencils.  My mom had given this box to me as a gift because she knew I was obsessed with organization and miniatures; what she didn’t predict was the sense of awe and excitement that took hold every time I opened the lid.  The stationery beckoned me to imagine a world beyond my desk, one with limitless possibilities.

I founded Cecile’s Paper Co. with a desire to explore an entrepreneurial path rooted in creativity and expressed in a tangible product.  While my creations have expanded beyond childhood sketches on floral stationery, my intention remains the same.  When your guests open their invitation, they too will be whisked away to an inspired time and place.

Prior to founding Cecile’s, I worked for several years as an event manager in Malibu and Beverly Hills where I learned the finesses of hospitality and that attention to the smallest detail yielded the most powerful effect.  I use these skills to help anticipate the needs of your special day, working closely with planners and event designers  to ensure that there is a seamless coordination from invitation, to day-of goods, to thank yous.  While I am constantly inspired by combining different textures and medium, I am dedicated to translating you and your event onto paper (and beyond).

When I am not pouring over bridal blogs or playing around with new material, I live out every West Hollywood stereotype possible by taking my Chocolate Doodle, Cosmo, on a hike with a fresh pressed juice in hand.

I look forward to the opportunity to design together and create for you your very own stationery box experience.

Courtney Cecile Loeb
Founder and Owner of Cecile’s Paper Co.