WHEN YOU WORK IN EVENT DESIGN it is your responsibility to transform a client's vision into reality, but so seldom do you take the time to design for yourself.  At the start of fall I had a desire to create leather napkin rings but had no one to design them for.  I thought I could create them for my personal dining room table, but then I would want to host a dinner party for the napkin rings to have a "purpose."  If I was going to host a dinner party, I would want to design a tablescape.  As my "if you give a mouse a cookie syndrome" started spiraling out of control and I felt the weight of my ideas crumbling in on me, (too many cookie references for one sentence?), I realized how silly it was that I never took the time to create for myself.  If I was feeling this overwhelmed by the thought of creating a napkin ring, I figured that there must be other creatives who want to take a moment to enjoy the fruits of their own labor.  With encouragement from Jessica of J.Lee Photos, I decided to host a collaborative dinner party.

As I casually started asking around the idea seemed really exciting.  Admittedly, I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting from the evening, and I really didn't know what was going to happen until the moment the party started.  The one thing I did know was that I wanted this event to be a creative and enjoyable expression for all involved.  I created a mood board based around the definition of the Fall Equinox and sent it out to a few friendors to see if the palette resonated and the date was free.

The mood board I created to inspire the theme for the Creatives Content Dinner.


The results were unreal.

Victoria of Upton Gray Floral took my basic idea and elevated it beyond belief.  In addition to the stunning centerpiece she also copper leafed artichokes and figs.

Holly of Events by Holly Gray used her culinary background and made a delicious harvest salad with Brussels sprouts, walnuts, goat cheese, and chicken.

Jessica of J.Lee Photos captured the details perfectly.

I set the table with Casa de Perrin plates and coups and tied together the napkins with the all-inspiring leather napkin rings.  To add in more natural elements I created stone "place mats" by adding cork padding to organically shaped blue slate tiles.  I also wanted a leather tag for each guest.  Because I was unsure of who would be attending I made a simple "thank you" that I attached to our cocktail glasses.  For another event I would love to make these as escort or place cards!


The evening turned out perfectly and extended from a collaborative experiment to a night rich with conversation and laughter.  As a designer, it was so refreshing to enjoy the talents of this creative community in a non-traditional way.  In future seasons this is something I hope to host again.




Luxury Wedding Menus, Late Summer Wedding, Acrylic Menus

HOW DO YOU SEAMLESSLY transition summer's trends with the changing, cooler tides of autumn while drawing on inspiration from the 1600s?  Enter Jason Llyod of _By Jason Llyod and Victoria Gold Photography.  When Jason approached me about the concept behind this shoot I was ecstatic.  He and Victoria wanted to re-create the richness of the Dutch Painting Masters with a modern and cool vibe.  Immediately I reflected back to my art history classes and conjured images of bowls of fruit, blossoming flowers, dramatic & contrasted lighting, and radical subjects.  While we left the portraits of the bourgeois and ladies of the night out of the overall concept, we had ample to pull from.  The difference between warm light and cool colors, abundant details with minimal backgrounds, and the reverence and austerity of the 17th century works set the stage for a styled shoot teeming with rich blooms, metallic accents, and a bounty of detail.

The Garage in Burbank, a once popular spot for film and media converted event venue, gave us a perfectly minimal backdrop that allowed the table setting to shine.

The Garage Burbank Luxury Wedding Tablescape

For the invitations and menus I took a very literal approach as I wanted each piece to feel like it belonged in a gallery.  The invitations consisted of two pieces of laser cut and etched lucite with a painted center in summer's Pantone color: Niagara Blue.  Secured by grommets, each invitation was it's own unique piece.  The RSVP and envelopes had a small stroke of white paint to bring the texture across each piece.  Luxury Wedding Invitations, Acyrlic, Paint

Handpainted Invitations, Acrylic, Luxury Wedding

The most exciting part of how the shoot came together was the blend of opulence and minimalism - a trend that I see moving forward for Fall 2017 and well into 2018.  Summer stone fruits scattered across Jason's hand dyed linens.  Luxurious blooms from Tabitha of Winston and Main sat center stage while the craft cocktails by Cali Craft Cocktails became actual pieces of art that were almost too pretty to drink!

Craft Cocktail Los Angeles Wedding

Luxury Wedding Menus, Acrylic

Luxury Acrylic Menus with Vibrant Flowers
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