Cecile's Paper Co. is a full service event branding design and production studio.  We specialize in story-telling design that captures and conceptualizes our client's perspective through the lens of an event.  We tell these stories through bespoke creations, carefully considering a through line that subtly weaves unexpected touch points with functional pieces. Everything we produce creates an immersive, sensory experience that effortlessly evokes a sense of time and place.

storytellers, memory preservers & pattern weavers

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With a background in luxury hotels and event planning, we know that the smallest detail often yields the greatest effect. Our thoughtfully designed details make guests feel welcome in unique spaces and intimately part of a client’s story. 

Good design is a form of hospitality

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Our work is steeped in intention. From uniquely sourced gift items to personalized settings and branded ceramics, every detail is an opportunity to create an impression.

The careful observer

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