Before my professional life as a business owner, working in weddings, event planning and luxury hospitality, my childhood and young adulthood were dedicated to dance. Dance, unlike other forms of art, lives only in our bodies and our collective memory. Once complete, we have nothing to reference but the way we were made to feel. Other than a few photographs and videos, I have no physical evidence of the countless hours spent practicing in the studio, and the even fewer spent performing. But just because something is temporary doesn’t mean it doesn't exist.

Much in the same way that dance builds upon unseen hours of practice and culminates in a performance, something to be treasured and carried on by both the performer and audience, I see events as an equally unique and intangible art form. Events are intentional spaces of gathering. A myriad of design, catering and timeline decisions culminate in one spectacular occasion. There is a choreography to events - from the ritual of opening an invitation, to the precision of setting a table, to the gentle harmony of moving guests through space.

Everything we create at Cecile’s Paper Co. honors the beauty in the ephemeral, the magic that lives between tangible creations and memory.   Our inspiration is found in these fleeting moments -- the lingering notes of an earthy red wine, the smell of jasmine in a Spanish courtyard, the contrasting hues of the land and the sky, the bumble bee who finds temporary refuge on a just-placed centerpiece. We seek to harness connection, rooting guests to the present moment while creating lasting, sensory memories. Here, your special day is alive long after the last song has been played.

Courtney Cecile Loeb
Founder, Cecile's Paper Co.